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How do you choose your stretch jeans?

Candiani Denim is well-known for its stretch denim fabrics. The mill played a vital role in developing the stretch fabrics that became the foundation of the premium denim industry in Los Angeles during the 80s. Recently, Candiani Denim has successfully patented the first compostable stretch denim globally. Candiani Custom uses these exceptional fabrics for its tailored jeans.


Stretch denim, according to Candiani


The invention of stretch denim in the late 1970s was a game-changer. Unlike traditional denim, which can be stiff and not form-fitting, stretch denim allows for more flattering jeans that accentuate the body while providing unparalleled comfort. It’s no wonder it became a hit over the following decade, especially among women.

Candiani Denim was among the pioneers in engineering stretch denim and became well-known for blending authentic aesthetics with new elastic performance. These fabrics were the foundation of the newborn Los Angeles premium denim industry. Premium denim combines high quality, improved performance, and authentic washes.

Today, stretch fabrics remain a defining feature of Candiani Denim, which is now focused on significantly reducing their environmental impact. Conventionally, stretch jeans are made with cotton and a certain percentage of elastane. However, elastane is a petrol-based synthetic stretch fiber that contains microplastics, is hard to recycle at the end of a garment’s life, and needs hundreds of years to decompose while releasing harmful materials if not discarded properly.

To address the environmental issues associated with elastane, Candiani Denim launched the ReLast and ReSolve collections. ReLast contains a stretch yarn made with pre-consumer recycled materials, while ReSolve has a neutral impact at the end of its life since it releases no toxic substances. The COREVA™ patent represents the most significant milestone in this process, as it enables the creation of the world’s first plant-based stretch denim. This innovative plastic-free fabric is designed to compost at the end of its useful life.


Features and advantages of stretch jeans


Stretch jeans not only allow for close-fitting garments that accentuate the shape of the hips and legs but also provide a level of comfort unmatched by 100% cotton jeans, which can feel stiff and rough on the skin. Stretch denim ensures more freedom of movement and a soft feel against the skin. Moreover, high-quality stretch denim can easily recover its original shape after washing or wearing.

While these features are present in all stretch denim fabrics, the level of elasticity varies depending on the desired fit. For a perfect skinny-fit jean, super-stretch denim with the highest elasticity is recommended to best follow and wrap around the body shape. Conversely, for a wider-leg fit, comfort-stretch denim with a lower degree of elasticity is sufficient.



Candiani Custom’s stretch jeans


In our micro-factory, Candiani Custom, you have the opportunity to design your own custom conventional stretch or COREVA™ jean, based on your preferred fabric and fit. Traditional stretch denim is ideal for tight-fitting jeans, while our COREVA™ comfort-stretch denim is perfect for regular-fit, boyfriend, or loose-fitting jeans.


Conventional stretch denim


Our conventional stretch denim is available for women’s palazzo and skinny-fit jeans, as well as men’s slim-fit jeans. This fabric is not only stylish and comfortable but is also certified by regenagri®, meaning it’s made with regenerative cotton. This type of cotton is grown with standards that improve soil health and the cycles of carbon, hydrogen, and nutrients, rebalance the ecosystem functions, protect biodiversity, and store CO2.

Palazzo-fit jeans are wide-leg stretch jeans that are both comfortable and elegant, without being too oversized. These women’s wide-stretch jeans are tighter on the hips and become wider downwards for a broad hem, which usually ends below the ankle.

Skinny-fit jeans are the latest women’s style launched by Candiani Custom. These low-waist stretch jeans wrap the leg from the hips to the ankle to enhance its shape. Skinny-fit jeans are our tightest fit and are usually chosen by those who want to make their legs stand out.

Men’s slim-fit jeans wrap the body without being as tight as men’s skinny-fit jeans. They slim the figure of the wearer and usually have a hem that slightly touches the shoes without being too tight around the ankle. Slim-fit jeans are our tightest men’s fit.


COREVA™ stretch denim


The innovative COREVA™ fabric is available in indigo and black colors. This comfort-stretch denim can be used to make regular-fit stretch jeans for both men and women, as well as men’s loose-fitting and women’s boyfriend jeans.

COREVA™ replaces conventional elastane with a core of natural rubber. Tests have shown that COREVA™ can degrade in less than six months without releasing harmful substances if buried in the soil under the right conditions. It can also be used to grow plants according to regenerative agriculture standards.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, COREVA™ denim offers unparalleled natural comfort and softness without compromising the properties and premium aesthetics that have always distinguished Candiani Denim’s fabrics.

Regular-fit jeans are classic, comfortable, and versatile, making them a perfect match with COREVA™ fabric. They are perfect for any body type and style and are Candiani Custom’s bestsellers for both men and women. They fall regularly along the leg, becoming slightly tighter around the ankle, making them different from straight-fit jeans.