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Candiani Custom?

We have created Candiani Custom starting from a straightforward question: if we are good at manufacturing innovative and sustainable denim fabric, how can we bring our skills to innovative and sustainable jeans production?

Candiani Custom is, hence, a solution to increase sustainability in the fashion industry, challenging some of its most alarming problems. We have minimized our carbon footprint since all our materials and technologies are produced in Italy within 238 km. We have reduced overproduction since we make only custom jeans. We consider what will happen at the end of our garments’ life cycle since we recycle old jeans and use biodegradable and compostable materials. We care about social responsibility and trace our supply chain and what happens to everyone involved. We ensure transparency since everyone can see what happens in our micro-factory through a glass.

Sustainability at Candiani Denim

Sustainability is nothing new to us. Our mill is located in Robecchetto con Induno, in Parco del Ticino, the first natural reserve established in Italy in 1974. For almost 50 years, we have followed some of the strictest regulations in our industry to produce our denim fabric while preserving the environment.

Over the years, we have also adopted many voluntary standards to make our production processes more environmentally and socially responsible.

candiani custom candiani denim mill ticino park
candiani custom candiani denim mill weaving dept

The impact of fashion

The textile industry causes about 10% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, more than international flights and maritime shipping combined, and 20% worldwide water pollution.

Due to overproduction, approximately 25 billion unworn or unsold clothes are thrown away or burned. The fashion industry produces over 92 million tons of waste annually.

At the end of their life cycle, garments are often dumped in landfills or even left in abandoned areas. Moreover, 71% of the produced clothes contain synthetic fibers, which disperse microplastics into the environment.

Many fashion companies have moved their operations to countries with lower production costs and more permissive regulations, where they often violate the human rights of their employees and make them work in unhealthy conditions.

There is a general lack of traceability and transparency in the fashion industry. Many companies have thousands of suppliers, which, in turn, have many other suppliers, making tracing the entire supply chain almost impossible.

Our Partners

Ten renowned Italian partners made it possible to create Candiani Custom. They supplied us with Made in Italy technologies and accessories to turn our high-quality denim fabrics into extraordinary garments.

Our partners are Manifattura Italiana Cucirini, Tonello, Nearchimica, FK Group, Cervotessile, Riri Group, Okinawa Operations, Rotondi Group, Cadica Group, and SIP Italy Sewing. We all share the primary values of innovation, sustainability and Made in Italy.

— Partners

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